US backs Theresa May in Russian Spy poisoning

The White House has expressed its solidarity with the UK after Theresa May expelled 23 Russian diplomats following the poisoning of Sergei Skripal.

A joint statement has been released by France, Germany, America and Britain, condemning the attack on Sergei and Yulia Skripal in Salisbury.

They claim Russia was behind the attack and that it has been the first use of a chemical nerve agent since the second world war.

Whilst on a visit to Salisbury this afternoon, the Prime Minister Theresa May thanked the other nations for their support.

Skripal, the former spy was found collapsed on a bench in Salisbury along with his daughter, Yulia Skirpal, on the 4th March, where it is believed they came into contact with a nerve agent which originated in Russia.

At a talk at the United Nations, the US Ambassador said that action needed to be taken against Russia, after claims that the Russian Government is behind the attack.

It comes after Theresa May announced to Parliament that she was expelling 23 high-level diplomats over the attack, after accusing the state of poisoning the ex-spy.

Russia’s Foreign Minister has said that in turn, they will expel British diplomats in Moscow, and told Russian media that the UK’s claims are ‘insane’

Sergei Lavrov

Boris Johnson has also spoken out over the expulsions, saying he believes it is a ‘proportionate response’ to what has happened.

May gave Russia a deadline of midnight on Monday night to cooperate with the British investigation, but that deadline passed with Moscow demanding to see samples of the nerve agent that is alleged to have been used.

The Russian Embassy in the UK has been accused of responding with sarcasm by Theresa May, with them sending a number of tweets aimed at the investigation

Clean Air initiative to combat air-pollution in Nottingham City Centre.   

A new Clean Air Zone proposed by Nottingham City Council means air pollution could be brought down to the legal level by 2020.

Not applying to cars, but diesel-fuelled buses, HGVs, coaches and most controversially – taxis, city centre drivers must meet strict standards for their commute under the current proposals. Most diesel vehicles built after 2015 adhere to the standards. Petrol vehicles would have to comply with the standards of Euro V, applying to most vehicles built since 2011.

Full details of the plans are to be announced in June. The government will  formally approve the plans in August.

However, Azad Choudhury Labour Councillor for Arboretum Ward has argued these new plans will penalise taxi drivers.

University of Nottingham Strikes, Again.

The University of Nottingham enters its 13th day of strikes, which were expected to end last week, but the University and College Union rejected the proposed deal from Universities UK. Threatening to disrupt final exams and assessments, particularly in the summer term.

Protesters this morning have staged a ‘sit-in’ in the Trent Building. At least a dozen students are lining the halls of the building that houses the Vice-Chancellor’s office.

Akin Askinoglu, a representative of the protest group – UoN Student-Staff Solidarity Occupation – says the sit-in will last “well over 24 hours.” The protest aims to disrupt, among other things, a Vice-Chancellors’ meeting this afternoon.

Students of Nottingham University have barricaded the doors and are expected to remain there till Friday afternoon. 

Protests are ongoing at over 60 other universities nationwide. Lecturers are protesting changes in their pension scheme, which could see an annual reduction of £10,000 in retirement income. 

Yellow Weather Warning Issued For Nottingham.

The Met Office have issued a yellow weather warning; we should be aware of snow and ice for Nottinghamshire over the weekend.

The warning placed over the county is to start from midnight Saturday 17th until Sunday 11.55pm

Despite most of the Nottinghamshire county already experiencing cloud and light rain today, more is yet to come.

Dangerously, that band of rain is moving northeasterly, prolonging the showers overnight across Nottingham and other regions in the East Midlands. Dropping Friday nights temperatures to a minimum of 9°C.

Over the weekend, the strong gust of easterly winds will lead to some drifts of snow. With temperatures struggling to get much above zero during the day time.  The chief forecaster’s assessment for Saturday said: “A band of snow will move slowly south through Saturday morning with accumulations of 1-3cm quite widely.”

“With it becoming significantly colder over the weekend, lying snow left untreated will turn to ice.”

Expect potential power cuts travel delays on roads and some rural communities may be cut off.

Record Breaking-ly Cold

Spring lambs, Spring chicken but NOT Spring weather. As we enter day 4 in the vice of the Beast from the East. Over the next 24 hours we can expect more snow and more bitterly cold winds, unpredictably blowing the already fallen slow across the country. The worst, hitting the north and south-west, with an Amber Warning issued in these areas. 28693473_10213993397967352_308699725_o


The Beast from the East cont…

With thanks to the intense blizzards and increased windchill for those in the North-east of England and parts of Scotland, there will be severe disruption and a Red warning for central Scotland has been issued.

The drop in temperatures means the existing snow will turn to slush, causing travel disruptions on the dangerously slippy roads.  28767886_10213993394887275_753292357_o

With high pressure cold winds hitting the East of the country combined the low pressure from the Western side of Europe will provide for more snow, blizzards and icy surfaces.

The Red Warning remains in Scotland as it prepares for persistent snow and blizzards with temperatures reaching -11 in Aberdeen and -8 in Edinburgh.

Thursday morning, you can expect wide spread temperatures of below freezing. Making the fluffy snow, slushy and icy once more.

With a thicker concentration of cloud cover, more snow is to cover the Midlands and Southern parts of the country.

The Beast From the East

The Beast From the East has arrived blowing its cold air and snow from East to West. Snow is expected to fall for the Northern and Easterly counties, for some of us there will be sunny spells, but it wont be enough to lift those temperatures. Over night and Wednesday morning, we will see the temperatures fall to -12.


Another Snow Day? ‘ice One.

The cold weather continues this week, seeing temperatures of below freezing in the day across parts of the UK. With the wet weather blowing in from the East, the temperatures at night are set to fall even lower. 28643313_10213993397687345_1211417971_o.jpg


With the bitter wind chill and dry air (drier than usual) the snow will be fluffy rather than slushy meaning there will be little, if any, frost and ice.


Blizzard like conditions across the country – In the early hours of Tuesday morning (5AM) parts of the country such as Birmingham can expect temperatures of around -5 and down to -7 in Norwich.


The anticipation of the coldest air derived from the ‘Beast From the East’ is set to make March 2018 one of the coldest on record, seeing temperatures lower than our average midwinter in the UK.

The easterly airstream is drawing in the cold air from Siberia affecting the UK particularly Southern parts with temperatures plummeting to -1 in places like Portsmouth and the West-Midlands.

You can expect hard frosts over night, deep bitter wind chill and at the beginning of the new week, snow.

Tips for Freshers!

How to have a nutritious lifestyle as a fresher and all year round

Speaking from experience, it is so easy to become lost in the world of adult responsibility. There’s a lot of basic life skills expected from you when you first move to university, you’ve got to learn to look after yourself in a new city that’s not quite your home yet. One of the most intimidating requirements of a student is cooking for yourself img_6045

Realistically as a student you are already swamped in hundreds of books you have to read, so the idea of a cook book is not ideal, especially when you want something quick and simple to cure that hangover!

So I would suggest you to, spend within your means.

This is something mums love to preach to you. Hopefully you’ve sorted out your finances and you should know how much extra money you have to budget on your food and your social life, sometimes those 2 jager bombs for £5 may have to be swapped for pieces of chicken breast! As soon as you become comfortable with your new city, learn the way the shops work, often you can find reduced items in the late afternoons/evenings som
etimes there’s a whole isle which will save you so much.

Make the most of what university has to offer

At my university we have a food coop, ran by volunteers which allows us students to buy local and seasonal fruit and veg. University fresher’s fair may also provide you with food vouchers or discount codes
for supermarket stores, so keep a look out for them!

Cooking as a house

As all the university’s differ in allocating halls of residence, I know that some people aren’t fortunate enough to get into halls and are therefore living in a house during first year. Once you have established relationships with all your housemates, it may be more beneficial to each of you to all shop together and all cook together. Making a big meal between 4 or 5 makes it a lot cheaper and cooking with your new friends is a lot more fun than doing it alone. img_4941

Meal Prepping

Similar to the cooking share idea, meal prepping always helps make things easier. When you cook a lot of food and then sought it into boxes for the week or for the next few days it really does make your money stretch a little further but would always mean you’ve got food in the fridge. You’d be surprised how long, if stored correctly, spaghetti bolognaise can last!


Its always important to help and share with each other as a house and you’ll  learn something completely new!